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Dietetic services

We carry out initial assessments as home visits or video consultations, with follow-up sessions in the form of home visits, telephone calls, video consultations and/or emails. Your preferred method of follow-up can be discussed at your child’s initial consultation, and is in-part influenced by the nature of your dietetic query.​ 

General weaning advice 
Diet or life-style specific weaning advice  (e.g. vegan diets) 
Premature babies (from 23 weeks gestation and up) 
Breast feeding support and advice 
Faltering growth 
 Allergy (single or multiple) 
Enteral tube feeding support and advice 
Gastrointestinal concerns (e.g. reflux, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation) 
 Iron deficiency anaemia 
Lactose intolerance 
Dietary advice for lifestyle choices (e.g. vegetarian, vegan diets)  
Fussy eating and food refusal​ 


Please note: Your child will need to be weighed and measured prior to your appointments. On your initial appointment the dietitian will discuss your concerns and a nutritional assessment will be done. An action plan and advice will be given along with a follow-up plan.

Initial assessment (£90, 60 minutes): Takes place in your own home. 

Initial video consultation (£70 per 60 minutes). 

Follow-up home visit (£70 per 60 minutes)

Follow-up telephone consultation (free 30 minutes after first consultation, then £25 per 30 minutes)

Follow-up video call (£30 per 30 minutes; £50 for 60 minutes)

Package (£150): Initial assessment (Video consult), 2 x 30 minute follow-up video calls, and up to 4 weeks email correspondence after your last follow up. 

Grocery store visit for label reading, product selection tutorial (£100, 60 minutes)